Stop Raising Einstein (Kid's Journal)

There is no such thing as the “perfect parent”.  In a time when everyone seems to be focused on work/live balance, parenting expert Tara Kennedy-Kline teaches parents to drop the expectations and the juggling act; just embrace life on the level you’re at. Parenting is supposed to be fun, and parents today can take their job way too seriously. Join Tara as she walks through her experiences, her research, and her work with parents as she gets parenting back-to-basics. Parents are effective, kids are empowered... everyone wins.

Designed to be used with Stop Raising Einstein.


I was expecting this to be a book about convincing parents not to use flash cards, but in fact it is a very personal and practical guide to breaking up our usual way of reacting to our parenting and our children. The pages for reflection and writing encourage a reader to actual use this book and become more present and creative, rather than just read it. I recommend it.