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Raise the Parenting BAR With Tara Kennedy-Kline

Find Your Voice. Build Your Tribe.


Ever feel like your parenting isn’t ‘good enough’?

Wish your spouse offered more support?

Want to STOP playing the comparison game with other parents?

Raising kids is hard. Being a parent doesn’t have to be.

With so many different parenting styles, mandates, and rules, it’s all too easy to lose your sense of self, default to autopilot (a.k.a. That’s how my parents raised me!), and lose sight of your core values and how you authentically wanted to raise your family.

If you’re struggling to successfully juggle your roles as mom, wife, and woman, you’re not alone. (That’s the good news!)

The even better news is this. You don’t have to do this alone.

It’s time to raise the Parenting B.A.R. (And no, I’m not advocating drinking, but if it helps, a little wine can help silence the whine!)

My name is Tara Kennedy-Kline. As founder of Parent Nation, a global movement and the internet's top radio show with real talk for real parents, I talk to millions of parents every week about the issues, challenges, and frustrations facing today’s families.

I’m also mom to 2 teenage boys - one on the autism spectrum - plus a foster teen, a childcare provider for 34 years, and a Certified Parent/Family Coach and author of 3 parenting books.

As an advocate for modern families, I’ve identified the key areas we all struggle with as parents and created my signature program Raise The Parenting B.A.R. to support busy moms who are ready to STOP struggling, flailing, and failing and START raising their family their way. 

When you Raise The Parenting B.A.R., you create, implement, and maintain healthy and happy…

  • B.oundaries
  • A.ccountability
  • R.ules

As a mom who will learn how to Raise The Parenting BAR, YOU get to:

  • Be who you really are
  • Enjoy being a mom AND being a sexy, playful, and fun woman
  • Make ME time a priority
  • Enjoy quality time with your girlfriends
  • Have sex with your husband (even when the kids are home and awake!)
  • STOP feeling guilty for having wants, needs, and desires of your own
  • Fall back in love with being a mom – and STILL have a life of your own (It’s OK! In fact, it’s essential!)
  • Join a sisterhood of women like yourself who are here to bring back the village and support each other

Yes, this is possible. And no, it’s not irresponsible. It’s actually your right as a human being to love yourself and live a life that honors, supports, and cherishes YOU. (This doesn’t change when you get married and become a mom!)

When you approach raising your children and loving your spouse from this space and place, you’ll be amazed at what else shifts in your family!

When you Raise The Parenting B.A.R., you:

  • STOP questioning yourself
  • STOP taking your frustrations out on your kids
  • Learn how to really talk to your kids
  • Find common ground with your spouse when it comes to parenting
  • Shift your family dynamic by honoring YOU
  • Learn how to delegate – and love it!
  • Shift from control to empower so your kids learn to make excellent decisions (even when you’re not around!)
  • STOP parenting the way your parents did
  • Finally feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Allow yourself to say “No” and mean it
  • Love yourself more – allowing others to love you more, too
  • Make – and enjoy! – ME time and date night
  • Allow your kids to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Stop feeling the need to compete with other parents
  • Set clear and confident boundaries
  • Trust yourself more and honor your intuition as a woman, wife, and mom
  • Open the lines of healthy communication
  • Practice – and enjoy! – gratitude daily
  • STOP living on autopilot and START living in your truth

The shifts you’ll experience aren’t for you alone. They benefit the entire family – and your community at large.

PLUS, you receive support, sisterhood, and fun in this powerful community of like-minded women who all support and celebrate what makes you – and each other – unique!

When you Raise The Parenting B.A.R., your family, your community, and your fellow participants will:

  • Feel more empowered
  • Respect and listen to you more
  • Honor your boundaries
  • Show up at the level you require
  • Become better versions of themselves
  • Make excellent decisions on their own
  • Communicate with more love, respect, and kindness
  • Value each other more
  • Live together harmoniously

Isn’t it time to STOP struggling and START Raising The B.A.R.?

If you’re nodding your head, FANTASTIC! You are the kind of mom, wife, and woman I love working with. You know the importance of being your own woman while loving your family.

I invite you to enroll in my 8 Week Raise The Parenting B.A.R Online Program starting Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

Each and every week for 8 weeks, you’ll receive live support, community, and mentoring from me as we identify your key areas of struggle, shift your behavior, beliefs, and boundaries, and help you show up as the best version of yourself.

First, let’s get clear about what’s NOT working…

If you’re not making time for yourself – that’s a problem. If self-care feels like a luxury you can’t afford - you’re wrong. (That’s the good news!) The truth is, making time for YOU actually improves your parenting skills.

By investing just 45 minutes a week into self care (a.k.a. taking this online program), you will dramatically change your life and transform your family. (Remember those benefits I shared above? All of them and more are possible!)

Here’s The Week By Week Breakdown of my 8 Week Raise The Parenting B.A.R Online Program…

Week 1: Set Powerful Intentions

Build a strong foundation for your family by setting intentions for what you want to learn, receive, and shift during the program and beyond.

  • How a lack of intentions set traps for animosity and arguments
  • Explore your personal intentions as well as how to invite your family to set their own intentions
  • Deeply understand how you want/need to be served and supported
  • Create a plan for staying on track week to week

Week 2: Cultivate Respectful Communication

Learn how to STOP interrupting, assuming, and reacting in your family dynamics and START listening, understanding, and honoring.

  • Shift from combative to compassionate communication
  • Free yourself from needing to fix, formulate, or prove your point of view

Week 3: Live In Integrity

It’s time to identify the areas of your life where you’re NOT living in alignment with the truth of who you are.

  • What is your whole and complete truth?
  • Become the model of what you expect in your family
  • Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Be willing to follow through with your word and be trustworthy

Week 4: Find The Gift In Mistakes

As parents, we assume our kids share our level of common sense. (And you know what they say about assumptions!)

  • Reflect on past personal and parenting mistakes, identifying where you’ve stumbled and fallen
  • Practice compassion and connection with your child(ren) as you move forward

Week 5: Practice Gratitude

Whatever you focus on magnifies. In this week, we’re going to shift your focus from what’s not working in your family to what does work.

  • Identify what you want to amplify in your kids and focus on it
  • Find ways to see, support, and celebrate your spouse

Week 6: Live On Purpose

Without passion and purpose, parenting can feel like infinite and overwhelming.

  • Discover what lights YOU up in the world (it’s not your kids!)
  • Acknowledge and honor the unique brilliance in your children and spouse
  • Start saying YES to what excites you

Week 7: Redesign Your Dream Life

Instead of waiting to live your dream life some day (which is really just code for never), let’s get clear about what you want and how to create it.

  • Create a vision board for your dream life
  • Write intentional letters for what your life will look like – with and without making changes – and start and end your day with them

Week 8: Create A Circle Of Light & Your Quiet Space

As a mom, YOU are the rock in your family. But who’s YOUR rock? Now’s the time to recruit a circle of light (your support team) as well as create space in your home for honoring YOU.

  • Identify the energy you want to bring to a sacred space just for you in your home – and start creating that space
  • Understand how the people in your life make you feel and start surrounding yourself with true support

As you can see, this program is designed to support you as you unwavering in your beliefs, behaviors, and boundaries.

By owning, honoring, and embodying YOU, you become the best version of who you are as a woman, wife, and mother.

And by being the best YOU, you show your kids how to show up more fully for themselves and for your family.

Enrollment is now open. My program starts on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

If this program speaks to you, I invite you to enroll by midnight Pacific on March 31st - that’s when my Early Bird Pricing expires and I don’t want you to miss it!

My 8 Week Raise The Parenting B.A.R Online Program Includes…

  1. Weekly 45 minute group teleconference calls with plenty of time for teaching plus Q&A – 8 total
  2. Weekly email support
  3. 24/7 community in secret Facebook group
  4. An accountability partner to keep you on track

As you can see, there’s plenty of value, support, and community throughout this program! My intention is to offer you mentorship, create sisterhood, and have fun as we Raise The Parenting B.A.R. together.


In addition to my 8 week program, I’d like to gift you the following program bonuses worth over $450 as my gift to you!

BONUS #1: 1 30 Minute Private Coaching Session With Tara - $300 value

When we connect 1 on 1, we’re able to quickly identify your greatest struggles when it comes to parenting, as well as identify quick fixes and long term strategies for shifting your experience from struggle and strain to celebration and success!

BONUS #2: Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Top Experts Share Strategies For Success Book - $24 value

It takes a village to raise your family – AND launch a business! In this book, I’ve joined forces with other successful mom entrepreneurs to share our best tips for building your business while balancing family. When you enroll in this program, you get a copy of the book absolutely FREE!

BONUS #3: Monthly 30 Minute Virtual Cocktail Hour With Tara (3 Total) – a $300 value

So support you in carving out that much-needed ME time, I’m hosting a monthly virtual cocktail hour by phone. This is our opportunity to mix our fave cocktail and come to the call to ask questions, get support, and laugh a little – or a lot!

Enrollment is now open. My program starts on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

Rave Reviews From Moms Who’s Raised The B.A.R.


“Tara’s coaching helped me change my perspective on my parenting. My parenting is not all about the kids and what I think they should be doing or not doing. That it starts with me. Tara’s coaching is not the “magic words” to say to get your kids off the couch. It goes more in depth, about getting myself in a place where I am able to make goals, reflect and see what needed to change in me make me happy with me. Then I was able to help my kids set some goals that worked for them with a some boundaries, and the strategies learned through Tara’s coaching we are seeing successes. Tara taught me as the parent and the leader, If I go in the direction of my goals for my family first, they will follow. “
“Tara’s coaching taught me I am the parent my teens need. I just need to let my own confidence in that out more often!”

It’s time to Raise The Parenting B.A.R.

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