Raise The Parenting B.A.R. With Tara Kennedy Kline

F*** The Rules. Raise The B.A.R.

As a mom, do you look at other parents and wonder When did we stop being there for each other??

Are you tired of feeling like your voice doesn’t matter – in your family and in your community?

Is the constant juggling act of kids, carpool, marriage, and motherhood exhausting you… with no end in sight?

Raising kids is hard. Being a mom doesn’t have to be.

If you’re struggling to successfully juggle your roles as mom, wife, and woman, you’re not alone. (That’s the good news!)

It’s time to raise the Parenting B.A.R. (And no, I’m not advocating drinking, but if it helps, a little wine can help silence the whine!)


You’re invited to an intimate (and funny!) conversation about modern motherhood and how to STOP feeling isolated and START rebuilding the village.

Raise The Parenting B.A.R.
With Tara Kennedy Kline
Founder of Parent Nation & The United States Of Moms

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
9am Pacific | Noon Eastern
Attend by phone or webcast

During This Fun And Informative Call, You Will Discover:

3 simple success tools to shift the dynamics in your family (including with your spouse!)

1 action step for each tool you can start implementing TODAY

1. How to rebuild your village – your way – to receive the support you want and need

2. PLUS, receive heartfelt (and hilarious!) laser coaching and support from Tara

3. It’s time to Raise The Parenting B.A.R. Join us to find out how!

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Meet Tara Kennedy-Kline

As founder of Parent Nation, a global movement and the internet's top radio show with real talk for real parents, I talk to millions of parents every week about the issues, challenges, and frustrations facing today’s families.

I’m also mom to 2 teenage boys - one on the autism spectrum - plus a foster teen, a childcare provider for 34 years, and a Certified Parent/Family Coach and author of 3 parenting books.

As an advocate for modern families, I’ve identified the key areas we all struggle with as parents and created my signature program Raise The Parenting B.A.R. to support busy moms who are ready to STOP struggling, flailing, and failing and START raising their family their way. I’m honored and excited to connect with you on my free call and share my vision for how we as moms can rediscover our voices and rebuild the village.