Why is this Baby Einstein thing so shocking?!

I am a mother of 2 boys, an author and a business owner... my time is precious and my nerves are shot, yet I have never even ONCE thought to myself "Well if I plop my baby in his boppy pillow in front of the boob tube... he'll get smarter by staring at this video and I won't have to do anything... After all, it IS Baby Einstein!" Come on people... REALLY?! Why is it so shocking that this doesn't work? Who thinks this way?! It doesn't take a genius to know that our babies rely on us for everything... food, movement (transportation and bowel), comfort, safety, joy and LEARNING! Baby Einstein was created to be a tool for connection and fun... not a substitute for parental involvement and education. Our babies learn by watching, interacting with and hearing US... not the TV, not the flashcards, not the CDs... US! If your baby is soothed by music, then sing! If they love the little animals,then buy a puppet and put on a show! Our babies are the only individuals with whom we can be ridiculous and silly and they love us even more for it.

Folks... give your kids and yourselves some credit. Our children were born with their own level of genius already in them... it's our job as parents to "nurture" it, not force it!

If the people bringing this suit would spend as much time talking to and playing with their babies and appreciating them for their UNIQUENESS as they did trying to figure out how to make them something they're not and then bilk Disney out of millions of dollars for failing them... they may have gotten their wish for that baby genius. But alas... Instead they are just creating a future generation of unaccountable cry babies and getting money they don't deserve for failing to do their job as parents and then blaming someone else.

Perhaps the true genius is the child who learns to take responsibilty for his/her actions despite their upbringing.