When you're on an adventure, ditch the life support!

My family has just returned from a vacation to Disney and we had the best time of all in the park where we “forgot” the backpack of life support! If you’ve ever spent a day at an amusement park, you have probably seen the families with literally CARGO LOADS of supplies trying to decide who will sit off the rides to guard the stash while the others wait in 2 hour lines for a 40 second thrill.

The guardian is typically a grandparent or mom!

Yes, I am the Mom…but I also have ADD, am a total thrill seeker and am completely opposed to being a pack mule, therefore standing around holding the “bag” is not my thing…SOOOO, I conveniently left the 12 ton backpack filled with water, snacks, band aids, Tylenol, coloring books, card games, sun block, umbrellas, ponchos (and apparently a sink and a small dog by the weight of the thing) sitting in the rental car.

It was about 2 hours into the day before anyone even realized it was missing and that is only because my son asked who would stay off the roller coaster to hold the stash. I replied “OH NO! I left it in the car! OOPS!” and panic set in only until they realized my husband and I had our wallets so we weren’t going to starve to death.

We agreed that anything we purchased had to be consumed in the park because “if you buy it you carry it”, so that eliminated the desire for cheesy souvenirs which are either lost or broken before they arrive home anyway and long story short (ok…abbreviated) we all survived!

We managed to find water when we needed it…there were bathrooms with soap that allowed us to clean up before we ate anything…and there was food! We sang songs and made up games to play while we waited in lines and we actually TALKED to people and each other instead of burying our faces in games or cell phones. If we needed a band aid or pain relief, there were first aid booths and stores…but no one did, so we were good. But most importantly, we realized that the stress relief, relaxation and creativity that came from “simply simplifying” was worth way more than the money we “saved” by carting all the comforts of home with us on our adventures.

Our family has learned quite a bit from that one day and I will be retiring the back pack for our future adventures (unless I’m planning to hike deserted territories…and then I’ll make sure my husband is willing to be the pack mule :o)

Have a playful day!