Treat everyone in your Village like today is their Birthday

Today is my Birthday! 6 years ago, you would have never heard me announce that...absolutely not! It was simply a reminder to me that I was getting older, and my kids were getting older, and my parents were getting older...and my life was on a gradual downward slope. But not anymore! Not since I started allowing the people around me (My Village) who appreciate and celebrate me to know my birthday. Now, on this day, I am sent reminders, texts, emails and voice mails wishing me a beautiful, happy, dream filled day! What an incredible gift! I look forward to this day all year long! For me personally (and with nothing at all to do with the spiritual side) this day is better than Christmas, Easter and Valentine's day combined! the reason is because Holidays have become a time of obligatory giving of material gifts...very little thought or celebration of the recipient goes into the giving other than the fear of them not liking what we gave. But Birthday wishes! Those are the greatest gifts because they are YOUR WISHES FOR AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF the PERSON you are CELEBRATING!

There is no greater sound to our ears than that of someone saying our name...and there is no greater joy than having someone tell you that they appreciate you and want your wishes and dreams to come true.

Can you imagine what this world would look like if each of us took the time to acknowledge something great in the people we come in contact with each day? What if, instead of saying "Be careful", "Behave" or "stay out of trouble" when our kids leave the house...what if we would say "Be Brilliant", "You're awesome" or "Do what you dream"!?

I'm not talking about ignoring things that need correcting...and I'm not talking about walking through life with blinders on...but I am suggesting that if we would embrace the concept of celebrating the Unique Brilliance in those around us on a daily basis instead of just once a year...We could create a village where every day would be a day worth celebrating!