Talk with your mouth full!

“Don’t forget your saxophone!”…”Put your shoes on!”…”Zip up your coat!”…”Don’t talk with your mouth full!”…”Do you have your homework?”…”Meet me at the car”…”When will you be home?” What delightful conversations we have with our families these days.

When I ask why there is so little time for valuable conversation and family time, I usually hear the excuse “life is just crazy right now”.  Families have so few opportunities to really TALK and many of our exchanges happen while we are running (or shoving someone) out the door right around dinnertime.  And if we are able to catch a meal  together,  we are constantly reminding each other to “stop talking and just EAT!”

And we wonder where the breakdown in communication is coming from?

Well…this morning I was given somewhat of a gift.

Just out of pure coincidence, my boys popped out of bed about a half an hour earlier than normal. They both took showers (I KNOW! RIGHT?!) and were downstairs more than 45 minutes before they had to leave for school! I don’t know what happened to make them jumpstart their day, but I can tell you what happened as a result…

Max took the time to dry and fold his own laundry…we had a fantastic breakfast that did NOT come out of a box…we sat together and talked about our plans for the day…we set goals…we stumbled upon a really great conversation about the power of positive thinking…We laughed, a lot!...Alex cleaned up our dishes…Max fed the birds…we made sure we had all our stuff together before we walked out the door and we did it all without once raising our voices or choking on our food!

Now I know that sounds rather “leave-it-to-beaver-ish” but in all honesty, it was the most wonderful start to a day we’ve had since summer vacation.

Having that time together made us all feel more relaxed and connected and it determined the entire mood for the rest of the day. But the most amazing thing is…it only required 30 minutes of our time. Time we would have otherwise spent over-sleeping anyway.

Yes, life is crazy for most people, and dinner together isn’t always an option when you have 2 kids in school & sports and 2 parents on unique work schedules…

But the truth is we are all blessed with the exact same 1440 minutes every day. True, there are no roll-overs, but there is a golden opportunity waiting for each of us every single morning if we would be willing to simply set that alarm 30 minutes earlier and make it a rule that “At Breakfast, we talk with our mouths full.”

Have a playful day!