Listen to your body...

I know what that sounds like… and NO I’m not trying to potty train anyone! Although, I must tell you that my boys were not the most willing or easy subjects to work with when it came time to lose the “pee on the go” option! (Come to think of it… they still opt for trees over toilets to this day!)

But ANYWAY! The topic I wanted to share with you today is more about the inner voice than the inner urge…

Have you ever had to make a difficult choice and although you kept leaning in one direction, you just didn’t FEEL right about it? Maybe you felt tired or edgy… maybe it made your shoulders hurt or your nose itch? Then you went against your “gut” and it was all downhill from there?

OR maybe the opposite is true… you had to pick from one or the other and the thing you chose just made you feel lighter… breathe deeper… smile bigger…or even laugh out loud?

What if I told you that was no coincidence? What if I suggested that your body… your ENERGY was steering you in the direction you were SUPPOSED to go in?

I believe that yes in deed we are given choices, LOTS of choices… but I also believe that we are being gently guided toward those choices that will lead us more directly toward our “best self ” and greatest purpose. Even if you don’t believe in “purpose” or “inner energy”, why not just have a bit of fun for the next few days and give this a try…

The next time you have a choice to make that you are able to determine your direction… before you react, stop and close your eyes. Picture the first choice in your mind and then allow a deep, loving breath. Notice how you FEEL. Are you feeling energized and happy or tired and edgy? Then do the same thing with the second choice. Notice your body…are you leaning into the idea or backing away from it? Repeat the process if necessary and then make the choice in the direction of your energy!

I started using this process on easy stuff like “What’s for lunch… McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A”… no big catastrophic failures there. Then, once I got to know how I react to choices, I was able to listen to my “gut” on bigger stuff like “should I start my own business?”… ”should I write a book?”

Your inner voice/gut/energy/soul… has a plan for you and you’ll get there one way or another, but why not use the internal GPS you were given and get there MUCH faster and with less turbulance by “Listening to your body.”?

Have a playful day!