If you were here...we'd have one heck of a party!

For some reason, I looked at the clock at 1:06am and realized today Aug 10, 2011, my baby brother Jesse would have turned 30...Another milestone he would never reach. Another party never held...30 candles that won't be blown out...a birthday song that once again won't be sung and another wish that can't come true.

A young 19 year old face, frozen in time in my mind...I wonder what 30 would have looked like on you?

No more hugs, I Love You's or Be careful's as he walks out the door. Just silent conversations held only in my mind ~ and in prayer, with the hope that somehow he still hears me from his birthday chair in Heaven. Happy Birthday Little Brother...I will always remember you, and this day because even though you were only here for a short time...you changed my life forever. And if you were here, MAN we'd have one heck of a party! I love you Jesse Blimline.