Holy Contradiction Batman!

OK!  Let me get this straight, because goodness knows I wouldn’t want to be defamatory or offensive to anyone… In June, The Supreme Court declined a ruling which would enforce age restrictions on the purchase of certain violent, graphic video games to young children based on the Game Creators “Freedom of Speech”.  In the Court’s opinion, upholding that ruling would be censorship of a media which should be monitored by the parents and caretakers of the child…not the Government. 

OK…freedom of speech upheld…content of media controlled by parents…point made.

This week, a divorced father of two boys is ordered to shut down his BLOG because it may be potentially damaging to the boys as it is based on the salty diary of their father in regard to his divorce from their mother. 

Now, I do not have a law degree, but would his blog not fall under “Freedom of Speech’?  Not to mention “media which should be monitored by the parents”? 

But wait!  Also this week, we listened to the now single Kate Gosselin discuss on National Television, her decision to take to her “cupcake baking man hunt” on air for all the world to see…a world which includes her brood of 8 who are all under 11 years old.  Could that not be “potentially damaging” to her children?  And what about all the defamatory statements she is making and has made about her ex husband Jon?

Based on recent rulings, should that not be grounds for her to remove her Television show? 

It’s time for the Courts to stop contradicting themselves and start focusing on the real matters at hand.  This ‘Blogger Man” is not an evil villain.  He is not threatening the welfare of his children or the web by choosing to vent his gripes and beefs in an adult forum with other miserable divorce’s.  What he has created and said is not that unusual or spectacular.  However, if that judge REALLY wanted to make a difference and truly cared about the welfare of those kids…she could have recommended family therapy or group counseling…now THAT would be unusual and spectacular! 

But we all know that a Judge would not force them into therapy if they pose no harm to themselves or others, because that is a private matter typically left to the discretion of the family.  After all, the Judicial system will tell you it is there to uphold the law, not people’s feelings…and goodness knows we certainly wouldn’t want them to contradict themselves.