Clean up life...One load at a time

It's a snow day here in Pa…everything outside is fluffy and white…the kids are home from school…my husband is working on his laptop in the Dining room…and I am running around the house like a nut trying to tidy up all those once little projects that after days (or weeks) of neglect, have now turned into looming, monstrous, overwhelming chores. As I stand there in my wash room looking at the mountain of laundry I have affectionately named Mt. Sweaterest, I hear the old cliché playing in my head:

“The Peddler’s children have no shoes.” And I begin to feel the guilt set in…

As a Dream Coach®, I spend much of my time coaching people through the concept of “cleaning up their incompletes” so they can truly live their life with integrity (one of the building blocks of achieving one’s dream life). So I am feeling like a bit of a hypocrite at the moment.

I try to escape to my office to find solace and all I can see are mounds of papers to be filed, bills to be paid, taxes to be completed and stuff to be tossed out.

I go to my comfy mediation spot in my room only to discover piles of presents left over from Christmas that are still in need of a home, stacks of socks that need sorting , clothes that need to be put away and pictures that were never displayed…

I plop down on the floor, sink my head in my hands and ask “How in the WORLD am I going to be able to live the life of my dreams if I can’t even complete a load of laundry? This is too much! I’ve let it go too far and now I’ll never be able to get all of this done…What am I supposed to do?

I sit quietly and just breathe for a moment…and listen…

Through the silence I hear: “You can’t finish if you don’t start." "One load at a time.”

It sounds funny, almost too good to be true, but I’ve heard those simple statements before and they have always served me well; simply because they mean something to ME and as a woman blessed with ADD, it’s the one “single” thing going on in my head that I can act on!

I grab 2 empty wash baskets and head to the washroom. All the dark stuff I pull out of the mountain goes in the washer…the white stuff goes in the basket…and Mt. Sweaterest gets a bit smaller…

While the laundry is swishing away, I head to my office. The timer on the washer gives me 40 minutes to go through as much stuff on my desk as possible and either complete it, file it or throw it away. (The computer stays off for now) …then the buzzer goes off.

Swap the wash…head back to the office for some more OHIO (Only Handle It Once) therapy. 40 minutes later, I take my first load of laundry up to my room where I fold it, and sort it by owner…then I put the clean clothes in a basket along with any Christmas presents that belong to that person and I stick a note on each one that says

“Please put these things away unless you want them to be donated to someone less fortunate…either way, git ‘er done today.” Love, Mom.

I call my boys up to my room and I hand them each their basket. “This should take about 30 minutes, and then we’ll head out to play in the snow.”

Once they leave my room, I sit down on the floor, sink my head back into my hands and say “Thank you”…

Thank you for the guidance…thank you for the focus…thank you for the blessings that allowed me accumulate so much to begin with, and thank you for the knowledge that with patience, intention & integrity, it will all get cleaned up…one load at a time.

Have a playful day!